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Investment incentives in construction

Metropolises are the focus of wealth and concentration of capital and production at the national, regional, and global levels, and the economic future of countries and urban areas around the world largely depends on the dynamism and vibrancy of the metropolitan economy. Improving the efficiency of urban management of metropolises and realizing their development capacities can be achieved through the support of private sector investment and the creation of facilities to guide and stabilize capital in various urban development projects.

As one of the most prominent pilgrimage centers in Mashhad, Mashhad has always had unique capacities and opportunities to invest locally, nationally and internationally, and this is especially true for investors in the last decade. Under the current conditions of investment climate in the country, challenges have arisen that have jeopardized investment conditions and the prediction of safe investment returns. One of the first measures of current urban management has been to identify and identify these challenges in the field of investment and to try to provide appropriate solutions for the investment boom in Mashhad through multilateral planning.
On the other hand, in the same period, the third master plan of Mashhad 1405 metropolitan area was announced in 1396 and considering the development goals and policies of this plan and the vision of urban management to create urban justice in all parts of Mashhad, attracting private sector investment and participation. Serious attention has been paid to this aim. To this end, the Municipality of Mashhad has put in place the Work Regulation (Investment Regulations for Investment Incentives). The main goals of this Code are: to integrate investment space and development, to encourage targeted investment and partnerships to promote quality and urban justice, and, on the other hand, to modify and regulate the costs of municipal investment in investment projects. And partnerships are designed to predict investor profits appropriate for investors. And all natural and legal persons who apply for the construction of Group (D) Construction Projects shall be subject to this Code. The Code proposes incentives for a variety of residential, commercial, residential, for-profit and service-complex projects, public parking and historic buildings, and covers a wide range of investments in construction and construction. One of the highlights of this Code of Conduct is that it has linked the attractiveness of investing with the needs and shortcomings of different areas of Mashhad, and the simultaneous investment that the incentives have made to profitably invest in urban projects. Benefits are also provided for the lack of amenities and services such as sports, cultural, artistic, recreational, educational spaces in every area of ​​the city. By continuing this politicization, the public interest will be more closely linked to urban investment space and social capital will contribute to the prosperity of the city’s economic investment. The space economy and market research approach to investment projects emphasizes the definition of multi-functional family-based projects. The same approach also provides the most investment incentives for projects that are defined as a complex project with a combination of welfare and service activities, and the more incentive they have in less urban areas, the greater the incentives. To be. Another attractive investment in the code is the incentives for public parking projects that provide guaranteed investment benefits to applicants while offsetting parking deficiencies in urban areas. Approximately 10% to 90% reduction in the amount of investment project licenses projected, depending on the type of project and in the different regions, compared to the conditions in the sample cases we reviewed, the investment return rate corresponding to the type of project exceeding 20%. The percentage increases. Overall, incentives are integrated with a city-based approach and with flexibility in defining the investment project in all areas of the city, from low-income to low-income areas in a way that is attractive to investors in order to increase their willingness to invest. Give.
* Manager of Public Relations of Mashhad Municipality Economic Deputy


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