Iranian ambassador to different countries visits Exhibition of Investment Opportunities and Urban Economy

Mashhad, the Hub of Economic Diplomacy

The Iranian ambassadors in the international arena try their best to perform their mission in the field of economic diplomacy and consult with the authorities of the hosting countries in regard to the promotion of economic relations and ties


According to the Public Relations of Economy Department of Mashhad Municipality, this visit was organized for the first time to identify investment opportunities in Mashhad so that in the near future we will see Mashhad as one of the most distinguished cities in the field of urban economy in the international arena

It is worth pointing out that these persons will be deployed to various countries as ambassadors and consulates next month to introduce and present Mashhad metropolitan investment opportunities internationally and to carry out their mission in economic diplomacy and consultation with the authorities, and do their best to promote trade and economic relations. It should be noted that the first Exhibition of Investment Opportunities and Urban Economy is open to the public from 9 am to 4 pm


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