98 (Billion Rials)

Estimating the volume of investment

In order to supply the per capita sports services in less-privileged urban areas, the City Council approved the construction of 10 water parks and pools in districts 2, 4, and 5 of Mashhad with a preliminary budget of 100 billion rials. One of these projects is Shafa Pool in district 4, which has had 20% physical and financial progress. According to studies conducted on management of planning by the deputy of economy, it was decided to transfer the construction and exploitation of the project to the private sector in order to fulfill its financing. On the other hand, based on market studies, it was proposed to exploit the pool in two different shifts for men and women and use the space of the women’s pool for another activity. Therefore, the relevant committee has defined different uses for the project, including sports use with activity in a multipurpose sports and ball hall, treatment use with activity in specialized mobility, massage and water therapy clinics, and commercial use with activity in the field of beverages and food.

General Project Information
Project Usage : Recreational
Nominal capacity: 275 نفر
Average demand share per day : 2170
Project address: 35/1 Toos St., District 2 of Mashhad Municipality
Number of useful working hours per day: 15 hours
Number of useful days per year: 320 days
Fixed investment costs
Description of costs Total Amount
Facilities and equipment 29,509,000,000 Rials
other costs 5,927,000,000 Rials
Project financial information
Description Amount Title Description
Annual income : 41,584,000,000 Rials
Annual interest expense: 15,353,000,000 Rials
contract type : BOLT
Duration of construction and operation : 15 years
Fixed investment cost : 98,643,000,000 Rials
All amounts are in millions of rials All license fee, contract expiration date, construction and ownership will be updated