151 (Billion Rials)

Estimating the volume of investment

Owing to its extremely suitable religious, historical and cultural potential due to the proper climate diversity and historical background of this land, Mashhad has a great foundation for development of tourism. Today, few industries have the same impact of tourism on creating a social balance, eliminating poverty, providing jobs, establishing cultural interactions, and maintaining and importing natural resources and cultural heritage.
Now, planning for creating the Dolphinarium with no competition in the east of Iran is being carried out as one of the investment opportunities with very suitable profitability condition. This investment opportunity is provided to investors and those interested in this recreational project. It is aimed to establish the project with a daily capacity of 3300 customers in Khorshid Park.

General Project Information
Project Usage : Recreational
Nominal capacity: 3300 people
Type of ownership : Municipality
Project address: Bahar Park, District 3 Municipality of Mashhad
Fixed investment costs
Description of costs Total Amount
Facilities and equipment 138,500,000,000 Rials
other costs 13,325,000,000 Rials
Project financial information
Description Amount Title Description
Annual income : 47,388,000,000 Rials
Annual interest expense: 8,400,000,000 Rials
contract type : BOLT
Duration of construction and operation : 16 years
Fixed investment cost : 151,825,000,000 Rials
All amounts are in millions of rials All license fee, contract expiration date, construction and ownership will be updated