805 (Billion Rials)

Estimating the volume of investment

The Aghigh project on the beginning of Ommat Blvd. has been designed in line with meeting residential and commercial needs of the city as a commercial – residential complex, aiming at creating a proper design of the units by using the modern technology and the technologies associated with high-rise buildings.

Important Features of the Project:
1. Located in a privileged area with investment attractiveness
2. A high land potential in terms of proper access and form
3. The appropriate economic justification of the project (Mofateh and Ommat streets)
4. Access to the main pathways of the area
5. Proximity to the holy shrine

General Project Information
Project Usage : Commercial, residential, and parking
Type of ownership : Privately-owned
Project address: No. 3, Ommat Blvd., Vahdat Blvd.
User approved : Recreational open space
Density (allowed) : 660%
Arena area: 2039 m2
Total Infrastructure Area: 22026 m2
Employment level: 70%
Number of ceilings : 15 (+10 و -5)