499 (Billion Rials)

Estimating the volume of investment

In 2011, the Mashhad Municipality designed and implemented the participatory project of Melal Market located at 100 meters to Golshahr Blvd in a land of 9189 m2 and a total floor area of 49,972 m2 with commercial and parking use in nine storeys with the private sector investor. In September 2015, the municipality gave the investor all its share at the request of the investor after the approval of the city council. Ms. Akram Mashhadi is the investor of the project.

Important Features of the Project:
1. The location of the project site (on the side of the ring road)
2. Proximity and easy access to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (PUBH)
3. Forecasting the high demand for the purchase and the commercial market boom with regard to the supporting population residing in the region
4. Equipped with a smart building management system
5. Beautiful design and impressive geometry
6. No similar business projects in the region
7. Variation in the area of the pavilions with regard to the competitive prices
8. Presence of various commercial usages
9. Exploiting unique attractions such as amusement park and restaurants on the eighth floor and the moving fountain

General Project Information
Project Usage : Commercial, Parking, and Amusement Park
Project address: At the beginning of Shahid Avini Blvd.
Arena area: 9189 m2
Total Infrastructure Area: 49972 m2
Number of ceilings : 9 (+8 و -1)
Contract year : 2011