763 (Billion Rials)

Estimating the volume of investment

The administrative operation of Aban participatory project was initiated at the beginning of Hashemiyeh street after obtaining Article 5 of commission approval and the city council approval in 2013. The tower has been exploited since 2016. The investor brought the land, and the cost of construction and implementation of the project, whereas the municipality has merely provided its license in the project. The investor of the project is Mr. Abdul Hussein Afkari.

General Project Information
Project Usage : Commercial, administrative, and parking
Project address: Next to Hashemiyeh 6th St.
Arena area: 2598 m2
Total Infrastructure Area: 23095 m2
Number of ceilings : 12 (+7 و -5)
Contract year : 2013
Project financial information
Description Amount Title Description
All amounts are in millions of rials All license fee, contract expiration date, construction and ownership will be updated