82 (Billion Rials)

Estimating the volume of investment

Mashhad Municipality took action to define and design the Harir participatory project located on the Ta’abodi street based on the urban development policies, aiming at organizing and improving the worn out texture of the neighborhood and promoting the peripheral texture and organizing the curtain corporation on Ta’abodi street. There were several plates possessed by the investor and the municipality based on the specified ratios in the contract. Commercial areas of the project have been inaugurated and more work is required regarding the equipping of offices. Mr. Mokaram Doost is the investor of this project.

Important Features of the Project:
1. Organizing the curtain corporation
2. Booming the worn out urban texture
3. Symmetrical urban development of the region

General Project Information
Project Usage : Commercial, parking, and administrative
Project address: next to Ta’abodi St., Amel St.
Arena area: 1390 m2
Total Infrastructure Area: 5601 m2
Number of ceilings : 8 (+6 و -2)
Contract year : 2008