730 (Billion Rials)

Estimating the volume of investment

The contract for the Amin project in the district 4 was concluded in Mofateh square in an area of 8,262m2 with commercial and parking use and a total floor area of 82,707m2 in 11 storeys (three storeys below the ground and eight storeys above the ground) in 2012. Symmetrical urban development in a poor area, strengthening urban justice, bringing together clothing corporation at the project site, and providing employment in a less-developed region are important features of the project. Mr. Mahdi Sadeh is the investor of the project.

General Project Information
Project Usage : Commercial and parking
Project address: Dr. Mofateh St., Golshur St.
Arena area: 8262 m2
Total Infrastructure Area: 82707 m2
Number of ceilings : 11 (+8 و -3)
Contract year : 2012