229 (Billion Rials)

Estimating the volume of investment

Morvardi Sarafrazan residential project is a special and distinctive complex established to meet the needs of the applicants regarding housing pattern of the income group one and two and creating a proper and high-quality housing design. The project can be accessed from Sarafrazan Blvd. and Namaz Blvd.

Important Features of the Project:
1. Located in an almost privileged area with investment attractiveness
2. Appropriate economic justification of the project
3. High potential of land in terms of proper access and form
4. High housing demand in the project area
5. Providing suitable public spaces, especially parking lots, for the residential units
6. Proximity to the recreational and touristic resort of Khorsid Mountain Park

General Project Information
Project Usage : Residential
Type of ownership : ملکی
Project address: Sarafrazan 40th St., Sarafrazan Blvd.
User approved : Administrative and law enforcement
Density (allowed) : 440%
Arena area: 1262 m2
Total Infrastructure Area: 7801 m2
Employment level: 60%
Number of ceilings : 12 (+10 و -2)