1581 (Billion Rials)

Estimating the volume of investment

Tohid Multipurpose Project (AT19) is located in the western side of the Shohada square (at the beginning of Tohid Street). This project has various uses such as commercial, administrative, multipurpose hall and parking lot. The interior of the project is divided into two blocks A and B. In the design of Tohid project (AT19), Block B is exclusively used as a parking lot and has maximized the efficiency of parking by taking into account the slope of the path, which is a positive point of the project.
Furthermore, commercial, administrative, food court, and multi-purpose hall in different floors of block A are designed in such a way that allows the easy communication between the block B (parking) and the block A (commercial and administrative). In fact, the parking lots are designed in such a way that clients have easy access to their desired floor by parking their car in the closest location.
The project is one of the major and influential projects in the region that has been attempted to address the capacity and potential capabilities of the region while maximizing the use of the region potential. The project is located at 1000 m away from the holy shrine and will play a major role in providing services to the pilgrims and neighbors.
In addition, it is possible to change the uses of the project to make it justifiable.

General Project Information
Project Usage : Commercial, official, and parking
Type of ownership : Privately-owned
Project address: At the beginning of Tohid Blvd., Shohada Sq.
User approved : Administrative and law enforcement
Density (allowed) : 811%
Arena area: 7950 m2
Total Infrastructure Area: 85989 m2
Employment level: 91%
Number of ceilings : 14 (+10 و -4)