2264 (million rials)

Estimating the volume of investment

Carting is one of the exciting car racing sports known as the “mother” of car racing. Rental refers to rental carting cars. The advent of this sport began in the 30s, when boxes known as “Soapbox” that could fit one person would be made with three or four wheels. By sitting in the box and trundling down the slope, one would experience an exciting speed. It was even possible to reach a speed of 110 km/h by optimizing the shape and form of the boxes, in other words, increasing aerodynamics and reducing the weight of the cars. The Omid & Zendegi Carding project has been defined by Mashhad Municipality at the end of Seyed Razi Blvd with an emphasis on cultural and social goals. The project’s financial calculations show that there are good economic justifications during the years of exploitation.

General Project Information
Project Usage : Sports and Recreational
Type of ownership : Municipality
Project address: Seyed Razi Blvd.
Fixed investment costs
Description of costs Total Amount
Facilities and equipment 2,156,000,000 Rials
other costs 108,000,000 Rials
Project financial information
Description Amount Title Description
Annual income : 1,680,000,000 Rials
Annual interest expense: 1,062,000,000 Rials
contract type : BOLT
Duration of construction and operation : 11 سال
Fixed investment cost : 2,264,000,000 Rials
All amounts are in millions of rials All license fee, contract expiration date, construction and ownership will be updated