355 (Billion Rials)

Estimating the volume of investment

Application of the urban development model with massive transit-oriented development (TOD) is an extremely useful way to reduce the negative consequences and costs of the transportation plan effects and consequently territory use. According to the statistics, the growing population of urban areas has caused many problems in urban commutes in various fields in order to meet the needs of citizens. Lack of employing accurate planning in urban transport management can exert several negative impacts on the optimal use of lands associated with this issue, causing the neglect of accurate planning and ambiguity of barriers to the transportation development. The main purpose of this project is to design land use planning with an emphasis on transit-oriented development. Our research has shown how the pattern of this development (TOD) can be used to make the best use of lands around railway stations. With this approach, we can lay the foundation for defining investment projects for the participation of the private and public sectors. Station C2 is the third station of line 2 of railway in the north east of the city and is located at the beginning of the North Tabarsi Blvd. (north of Fajr square). Moreover, in the urban divisions, the station is located on the border of districts 3 and 4 and is situated in the north-eastern planning area and less-developed but populated regions of the city.

General Project Information
Project Usage : Commercial and parking
Type of ownership : Privately-owned
Project address: The north side of Fajr Sq., at the beginning of the North Tabarsi Blvd.
User approved : Regional park
Density (allowed) : 160%
Arena area: 5358 m2
Total Infrastructure Area: 18216 m2
Employment level: 80%
Number of ceilings : 7 (+5 و -2)