Mashhad Municipality Invites Specialists in the Hotel Industry

Head of Mashhad Municipality Economic Development Department: Mashhad Municipality has launched a call for the identification of Arman Hotel Operator's Identification Call, after the promotion of models for exploitation of urban index projects.

According to the Public Relations Department of the Mashhad Economic Deputy, Meysam Amani said: To maintain and create value for the Mashhad Municipal Assets, optimize services, increase the satisfaction of pilgrims and neighbors, and utilize the capacity of private sector specialists in the hotel industry. A call for the identification of the Arman Hotel Operator has been issued.

He added: The hotel is located on two floors, with more than 5 rooms and an area of ​​۴,۰۰۰ square meters, within 2 meters of the Thamen al-Hajj (AS) Monument, which hosts a large volume of pilgrims annually.

Amani said: Arman Hotel is part of the Arman Business and Residential Complex, which has international certificates of Energy Management System (ISO۵٠٠١), Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OHSAS١٨٠٠١), Brand Evaluation (ISO١٠۶۶٨), Satisfaction Assessment It is a customer mandate (ISO و) and tourism and tourism industry (ISO١٨۵١٣) and enjoys a good and comfortable amenities.

He emphasized that our approach is to improve the quality of operation, preserve the value of the Arman hotel complex and identify and select the operators that qualify for the 4-star hotel, emphasizing: using the ability of the private sector and the presence of qualified professionals It can be an effective step in the hospitality industry and improve the quality of hosting Mashhad pilgrims.


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