Economic Deputy Mayor of Mashhad during a meeting with Turkish business and technical delegation: 2019/6/27

Identify 100 investment opportunities in Mashhad

Mashhad currently hosts more than a thousand tourists daily, and we are also witnessing major construction in the city, which has created a great opportunity for the development of the city.

Deputy Mayor of Mashhad, economic representative of Mashhad said that 100 investment opportunities have been identified in Mashhad, said: “We are pleased that Mashhad is one of the priorities of economic evaluation of neighboring countries.
According to the Mashhad Municipal Information Database, Torpedo Ajdari said in a meeting with business and technical staff of the Turkish city of Mashhad that the city of Mashhad is one of the few cities within a 2 km radius of which there is no wealth focus point, on the other hand. The solar and lunar ecosystems in this city enjoy significant tourism events.
“Currently Mashhad hosts more than a thousand tourists daily, and at a glance we are seeing great construction in the city, which has created a great opportunity for the development of the city,” he said.
“We welcome the cooperation of reputable companies around the world, in accordance with the policy of the Mayor of Mashhad to create the right platform for a thriving urban economy.”
“Despite the sanctions, fortunately, Mashhad has a thriving economy and is successful in attracting tourists and the construction industry,” Ajdari said.
Deputy Mayor of Mashhad Economic Flow in the city, a unique feature of Mashhad city that distinguishes it with other cities of the country and distinguished it: What made Mashhad apart from the leading cities in the economy, live stream Liquidity is in town.
According to him, we are expecting the representative of Turkey not only to cooperate in the field of operations consortium, but to look at broader cooperation and finance, now that the municipality of Mashhad is in turn building and operating billions of credits. And with extensive tourism programs, Mashhad is one of the cheapest cities for health and religious tourism.
He added: “The presence of foreign investors and visiting urban projects is one of the most important developments for any city. We are glad that Mashhad is one of the priorities of economic evaluation of neighboring countries. We hope that the wide political and economic relations between Iran and Turkey in the field of capital. Investment in and participation in urban projects is also becoming more vibrant, with three major economic projects currently underway in low-impact areas of the city.
Noting that the transformation of Mashhad into a region of economic opportunity is one of the goals of urban management and reinforcing Mashhad’s status as an attractive strategic investment investment, Draghi said: “Our goal is to make Mashhad one of the economic options in the country, The municipality of Mashhad is in good coordination with other institutions such as Astan Quds and the Governorate, so that the cooperation of these three institutions in this period was not comparable to previous periods.
He added: “We are fully prepared to work with private investors, companies and the Turkish government with the commitment to facilitate the realization of permits for economic projects, as well as the Municipality of Mashhad to identify more than 3 economic opportunities in Mashhad.” has done.
What helps investors outperform their rivals in competing for economic presence in Mashhad, according to Dragon, is the combination of operating and financing power, something that has made China distinct.
He noted that the mayor of Mashhad follows the policy of urban diplomacy and is an active member of the International Metro Police Center.
Deputy Mayor of Mashhad Economic said: Given that investment laws have been simplified, we are ready to sign and implement it by the end of the year. In the city of Mashhad, the city council of Mashhad also pays great attention to the economic issue of the city and we, as the representative of the municipality of Mashhad, will carry out comprehensive cooperation. In keeping with the country’s official policy, we have prioritized cooperation with Muslim and neighboring countries in the region.


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