Investor Identification Call for Development of Mashhad Video Surveillance Systems has been released

The head of the Mashhad Department of Economic Development announced the development of a network of video surveillance cameras and video surveillance.

According to the Public Relations Department of Mashhad Economic Deputy, Seyyed Mehdi Nemati Kheirabadi, in this regard, said: Considering the importance of the issue of smart city and the legal requirement of municipalities in accordance with Article 6 of the law on investigation of driving violations regarding the preparation, installation and maintenance of Electronic equipment such as photography, video and satellite systems and the like to track and control city traffic violations, equip and develop an automated violation registration system (installation of video surveillance cameras and video surveillance) on the agenda Municipality, Deputy of Transport and Traffic Municipality and Traffic Control Center Sh Every Mashhad was placed.

He pointed out that the implementation of this project, while upgrading the current equipment, will also include network development, adding: The project will develop automatic violations registration system in two parts including installation of cameras and related structures and completion of fiber optic network for New cameras are connected to the network of existing cameras.

The head of the Department of New Investments of the Department of Economic Development of the municipality noted that the amount of the project is estimated at 1000 billion rials in the phases of construction operations, which according to the municipality of Mashhad, to use the technical and financial capacity of the private sector, issued a call for investment. Based on private sector collaboration (BOT).


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