Mashhad in the path of attracting investments

The Executive Regulation of Investment Incentives in Mashhad Construction was reviewed and reviewed at the roundtable.

Javad Barati, a faculty member of Mashhad University of Tourism Research Institute, stated that one of our measures for planning investment management in Mashhad is identifying the economic variables of the city, adding: “The program identified tourism as an important variable in the indicators. Mashhad’s economy. To this end, the Center for Investment Services Specialized Services was set up at the Jihad-e-Tourism Tourism Research Institute. He continued: “The bulk of investments in Mashhad are now focused on construction and the regulation adopted by Mashhad’s Deputy Economic Officer is a positive step that can be used to track Mashhad’s investments.”

Ahmad Norouzi, head of the Mashhad City Council’s Economic, Investment and Partnership Commission, also called for the development of the metropolis to be a partnership, saying it was wrong to think that the municipality or the government alone could do so. Participation is not possible except with the satisfaction of activists in this field. He emphasized that the construction of commercial complexes in Mashhad is saturated; therefore, it was attempted to move from residential and commercial projects to leisure and leisure projects. Mohammadi Mehdinia, head of the Mashhad City Council’s Civil and Urban Planning Commission, said: “This resolution has a very strong urbanization perspective besides the economic aspect. One of the main challenges of our master plans is the lack of service utilization; the reason for not using it is the lack of profitability because old designs were inherently based on separation and separation of uses, but today we have come to the conclusion that the uses are united. do. The combination of applications helps people get involved in projects. This ordinance has the essential function of urbanization to help service per capita land use in less-favored areas.

He added: Another issue is how much do municipalities have to contribute to the cost of a project? One should not expect a miracle. The municipality’s share of the license and the completion of the work is between 1 and 2 percent. The cost of construction and land as well as the macroeconomic situation of the country are beyond our control. Ajdar Ajdari, Deputy Economic Officer of Mashhad, also said that Mashhad Municipality pursues the necessary activities for the city economically, said: Mashhad Municipality considers itself the custodian of Mashhad city with the highest number of tourists and up to thousands of kilometers around it, no point. There is no concentration of wealth. He said: “Instead of doing business, we need to see a per capita service in economic packages.” The move towards sustainable development has now begun. Sustainable development, of course, requires a solid revenue system. The municipality has no debt to banks and debtors, and it has opened it up to take development measures. The deputy mayor of Mashhad emphasized: This regulation is a change of trend and should not be imposed too much burden.


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