4085 (million rials)

Estimating the volume of investment

This project was defined to revive and repair the historic house of Pishevaran and create a cultural application to promote and introduce this historic building to the citizens and tourists. This historic house belongs to Pishevaran family and was built in Qajar era (more than 80 years ago).

Important Features of the Project:
1. Being close to the Holy Shrine
2. One of the important populated places of Mashhad
3. Proximity to other historic places such as Bagh-e-Meli, Arg Street and Jenat Bazar
4. Being Unique throughout the country

General Project Information
Project Usage : Cultural and light serving
Type of ownership : Municipality
Project address: No 42nd, SeShahid Allay, 5th Akhound-e-Khorasani St.